GALWAY-Connemara: Oughterard~MaamCross~Leenane~Killary Fjord.

A Wednesday day trip through the wilds of Connemara.

The hour and half drive from Galway City takes you deep into the wilderness with the Maumturk mountains & 12 Bens accompanying you for the journey, as well as countless sheep!  After a brief stop in Oughterard I continued on and the weather picked up as we got into Leenane.

As you enter Leenane, Killary harbour becomes visible and the stunning landscape hits you, and this impact has not faded on repeat visits.  The drive around (Republic of Ireland’s only) fjord gives you a 360 degree view of the spectacle and as you climb in altitude so too do the sheep!

killary 039

killary 034

By the lake in Oughterard.

killary 033

killary 042
A very foggy dull start to the day in Maam.
killary 066
overtaking the main road users of the area!


Connemara traffic jam!


 Ikillary 049killary 053killary 178  killary 059 killary 060 killary 061 killary 062

killary 170
mayo side!
killary 174
galway side!
killary 183
The charity cycle CROSS Atlantic 1000 in remembrance of Tony Fenton &to raise money for cancer research. text LEGENDS to 50300 to support!
killary 165
Killary Fjord getting dull again.
killary 120
View from the Pier, so pretty, nice spot for picnic.
killary 112
My favourite shot from the day, so peaceful, with only the howling of the wind & the baaing of the sheep to be heard!
killary 158
killary 156
killary 148
Zoomed in to convey the height of surrounding mountains.
killary 146
Moody clouds threatening to rain!
killary 143
Lush green grass, sun attempting to break through the clouds.
killary 140
pier shot
killary 139
Kayaks down by the pier side of the fjord.
killary 135
Existential Sandy!
killary 111
The 12 Bens (I think?)
killary 092
It brightened up for a while 🙂
killary 087
The sign should have picture of sheep I’m sure they fall off they go up to such a height!

killary 100 killary 068 killary 073 killary 079 killary 085 killary 129 killary 133 killary 165 killary 171 


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